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OIS award winning technology and industry leading campaign management & verification services help brands independently audit their static, digital and programmatic out-or-home media.

OIS proprietary Precisiontags™ track every single ad play on digital screens across the world, whilst SQA™ data quality ensures ads display in a "brand safe" manner, the most comprehensive verification reporting available.

OIS technology is compatible with all major out-of-home content management systems and requires no expensive integrations.

Independent data you can trust

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Unrivalled 3rd Party Verification and Analytics built for the Out-of-Home Industry 


An unrivalled verification solution enabling you to track and measure campaigns across all buy types – OOH, DOOH, programmatic.


OIS Measure enables you to track your DOOH delivery through our creative tag solution so you never miss

a play.


OIS Inspect enables you to track delivery and inspect the quality of your OOH by physically verifying all Static and DOOH screens.


Our unified solution delivers transparent campaign reporting in one easy to use dashboard across all key metrics.

We work with the world's largest out-of-home media advertisers

A world first tech stack that enables you to Inspect the Quality of your OOH as well as Measure your DOOH campaign delivery in one unified reporting platform.


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Our Solutions

OIS Inspect

Our App enables you to physically verify delivery & quality of your OOH campaigns

OIS Measure

Our Creative Tag enables you to traffic campaigns and measure your DOOH delivery

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