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Media Verification 

For out-of-home media to have impact your ads need to be seen, not just installed or scheduled


Media Verification & Analytics

Technology designed to increase out-of-home media transparency for brands, by independently tracking key verification criteria at the panel. 
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How it works

To experience the OISVIEW™ physical verification platform, click below


 Our OISVIEW™ platform delivers complete transparency by physically inspecting your out-of-home activity


Our proprietary OISVIEW™ technology independently verifies consumers have the opportunity to see your ads displayed correctly


We make it easier to report on your OOH campaign performance by aggregating verification data across media owners

100% Independent

Greater transparency and zero conflict of interest - a paid service not reliant on media owner data or revenue

Proven Effectiveness

With the out-of-home Industry estimated to reach $1.2bn in spend in 2019, transparency is critical for advertisers looking to verify when, where and how their ads are displayed.


Physical verification is key to extracting maximum value and return on investment for advertisers who use out-of-home media.

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We work with many of the world's largest out-of-home media advertisers and agencies

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